The Outreach & Teaching Ministry of Dr. Elijah Layfield

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Dr. Elijah Layfield

Since being called into the ministry in 1999, Elijah has served as a senior pastor, missionary, missions pastor, and associate pastor...

Upcoming Books

The Good News of a Gospeling People, 2025


Overheard Exultation: The Pursuit of Joy in Evangelism, 2026


I Will Declare Your Praise: A Theology of Evangelism in the Psalms, 2027

Euangelogy: The Need, Purpose, and Plan


"What I feel strongly, is that I would be very happy to retire and sit under your preaching for the rest of my life. In other words, I think you are 1) a solid expositor of the precous Word; 2) and earnest lover of Christ; 3) a saint with a life seasoned with suffering and therefore able to touch me  and others who have known battles; 4) a good communicator that doesn't make people feel awkward; 5) a shrewd enough observer of culture and human nature to connect the ancient truth with present reality; and 6) you have tasted the glory of the gospel and believe it and are a child of God and an anointed, called servant of Jesus."